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Are you struggling to study the syllabus for computer science class 12th? No worries, I have come up with the best reference for HSC computer science, i.e. ( Kinnari Prakashan Computer Science Tps). Reading from these notes, you can score 200 marks in your 12th board exam.

How to Study HSC Computer Science TPS Book?

I have seen many students take so much tension when mugging up the computer science syllabus. But computer science tps is not but by- hearting things. It’s all about understanding the logic and some basic things.

First, you need to understand that tps computer science 12th is very easy to understand and remember. All you need is complete guidance on how much to study, how many marks this particular topic covers, and how to write the answer to a question to score marks.

To solve all these doubts of a student, kinnari Prakashan tps is the best reference book for all students.

What is TPS computer science 12th?

TPS stands for topperwise Paper Solution. As the name suggests, it is the collection of board exam papers every year that is given as a computer science guide for class 12th. You can become a topper on this subject by studying this book thoroughly. TPS is divided into two different parts

computer science tps book

TPS Comptuter Science – 1

TPS Computer Science – 2

A textbook on computer science is divided into two sections. But TPS books are two different. Also, remember that computer science -1 and computer science – 2 are two different subjects, which is of 50 Marks. Computer Science – 1 carries 50 Marks and Computer Science – 2 carries 50 Marks.

It is a total of 100 marks written exam. Additional 100 marks are based on the practical exam. So, overall, computer science is 200 marks exam. It is very easy to score marks on this subject because it has only 9 chapters to study to score 200 marks.4 chapters in computer science – 1 and 5 chapters in computer science – 2.

Advantages of Kinnari Prakashan TPS

  1. Helps to score full marks in HSC Board Exam
  2. Get access to previous records of questions
  3. Questions are arranged topic wise
  4. Different forms of question are shown
  5. Easy to study all answers
  6. Easy to understand the concepts
  7. Answers are written point-wise ( Easy to memorize)
  8. Chapterwise marks distribution ( weighted of every chapter)
  9. In C++ Chapter, many coding questions and answers are given
  10. Many Fill in the blanks given for best practice

Why am I telling this?

I have studied full Kinnari Prakashan TPS Computer Science 1 and TPS Computer Science 2 during my HSC board exam and scored 190/200 marks in HSC Board Exam. Kinnari Publication helped me to score maximum marks in my board exam. I want everyone should take advantage of this book. So, I am sharing tps publications computer science 12th pdf to download.

Visit these links to get access to Kinnari publication TPS

  1. Operating System
  2. Data Structure
  3. Introduction to C++
  4. HTML

Important Links

Operating System Part -1

Operating System Part -2

Operating System Part -3

Operating System Part -4

Operating System Part -5

Operating System Part -6

Operating System Part -7

Operating System Part -8

Data Structures Part – 1

Data Structures Part – 2

Data Structures Part – 3

Data Structures Part – 4

Data Structures Part – 5

Data Structures Part – 6

Data Structures Part – 7

Data Structures Part – MCQ

C++ Part – 1

Introduction to Microprocessors and Organization of 8085

Computer Science Part – 2

  1. Introduction to microprocessor
  2. Instruction Set and Programming of Microprocessor 8085
  3. Introduction to Intel X86 family
  4. Introduction to Microcontroller
  5. Network Technology

MCQ, Appendix, question papers are given below. It is very important to study that too to score 200 marks in your Maharashtra State Board Examination.

Computer Science Practical Exam Preparation

It is very important to prepare well for your practical exam because it carries 100 marks. These are the marks which you should never lose it. Try to score maximum marks in your practical exam to get a high percentage in your HSC Board Exam.

How to get prepare for your computer science practical exam

  1. Complete your assignments and take signature
  2. Neat and clean uniform with a proper hairstyle
  3. Respect your teacher and be confident
  4. Study Full Practical Book ( If selected portion is not given to you)
  5. Try to answer maximum questions

Don’t take much tension of practical exams. Almost in all schools and colleges, you will be given good marks but try to score marks as much as you can. These practical marks will help you increase your grades and percentage of 12th standard.

The easiest chapter of computer science – 1

According to me, HTML is the easiest lesson in whole computer science – 1. Well, Data Structure is also an easy and short chapter, but it has algorithms that have to be memorized well. Hence data structure is also easy if you can remember and understand the algorithms. Therefore, I feel HTML is the easiest chapter that helps to score more marks.

HTML has some parts of coding which is very simple. Only you need to remember the tags and their function, and your HTML chapter is finished. Coding of HTML is also very simple, the only which you can feel hard is creating tables in HTML. But once you learn the basics of creating tables, then you can create any tables of HTML. So, prepare this lesson well because this is the easiest lesson of CS – 1

HTML Part – 1

HTML Part – 2

HTML Part – 3

HTML Part – 4

HTML Part – 5

HTML Part – 6

HTML Part – 7

The easiest lesson of Computer Science – 2

According to me, Introduction to Microcontroller is the easiest chapter of computer science -2. You can have different chapters easily according to your interest. But I feel there are only 6 questions and answers to prepare, and this chapter is done. Do you want to know that there are only 6 questions and answers to prepare a full chapter, then check the links above or else ask in the comment section below.


Study hard because until you don’t study, nothing will be easy for you.

Computer Science previous year board exam question paper. It is very important to have look on previous year question papers because it gives an idea how questions are asked in the board exam.

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