Feeling Chronic Stressed? Try This Simple Technique for Instant Relief In 2022

Life isn’t just about the good times the happy times there are struggles, there are disappointments, there are breakups, there are failures, and there are things that we want and don’t get in life. All of this leads to chronic stress.

Chronic anxiety leads to disease. It’s as simple as that chronic anxiety robs us of the goodness that we have in life because we’re constantly focused on the negatives nothing seems to get better. Then we look for coping mechanisms because we want to feel better about ourselves all the time.

What to do when we have chronic stress in our life?


We always forget that there’s an inbuilt intelligence of the human body to calm us down. There are mechanisms that we don’t use, to move us from stress to de-stress.

Today I will share one simple way it’s a simple technique, it’s an exercise a lot of people around the world use this to feel better instantly. It’s not going to take away your anxiety, It can’t! Anxiety is caused by a root cause a thought, something happening, something that you’ve heard so anxiety is not like a disease that you can get rid of.

Felling chronic stress try this simple technique to get instant relief

It’s a survival mechanism but this technique when we’re anxious. It can help us to calm down immediately. You’re going to feel a sense of deep calm in yourself.

After you do this exercise and you close your eyes. You may not want to open your eyes for a while because you’re in such a deep state of calm.

How does this technique work?

This technique works on stimulating the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve like many nerves connects the brain to various parts of the body including the gut. That’s why when we’re stressed in the head we feel it in the gut.

When we’re nervous in the gut we feel it in the brain. People with IBS problems and people with gut issues have a vagal tone that is not powerful enough. While there are many, many ways to stimulate the vagus nerve.

One technique that involves your breath and a particular movement. That will stimulate your vagus nerve and because your vagus nerve is being stimulated you’re going to feel a sense of calm. There are many various ways to do this exercise.

Steps to Get Instant Relief from Chronic Stress

1. Sit with your back straight you can see it cross leg, you can sit in the Vajrayana position or you can sit in a chair with your back straight.

2. Next, put your hand on your head.

3. Now if you put your right hand on your head.

4. Then slowly without pulling just tilt your head a little bit towards the right.

Quick Tip: If you have neck pain or anything like that then the idea is not to pull. The idea is to put your right hand on your head and slowly guide your right ear towards your right shoulder.

5. Now when you’re in this position all you’re going to do is a lookup in the opposite direction.

6. Hold this for 30 seconds.

7. Gently breathe you can do it with your eyes open.

Quick Tip: Try not to blink if you have to blink that’s okay! But try to keep your eyes open while you look in the left top corner. Slow down your breathing, your inhale should become slower and your exhale should become slower. Hold this for 30 seconds and then we’re going to come back up again.

8. Stabilize your left hand on your head and gently guide your left ear towards your left shoulder.

Quick Tip: You don’t have to go deeper, only to your comfort level. Keep your eyes squint up towards the right topmost corner of the room. You’re going to feel a little eye pressure while you do that. That’s good for you hold it for 30 seconds with minimum blinking and slowing down the inhale and the exhale. You’re going to count 30 slow seconds and hold on to that.

9. Repeat the same for the opposite side.

10. End the exercise

Quick Tip: The moment you finish this exercise you close your eyes. You can just keep your palms or your hands on your thighs and you breathe the same slow inhale and a slower exhale. You can do this for six to eight counts you’ll feel a heaviness in your eyes a slight beautiful heaviness in your forehead and a calm. You will not feel like opening your eyes.

Benefits of this Simple Technique

1. This is a beautiful stepping point into meditation. If you find it difficult to start meditating, start with this little exercise 30 seconds close your eyes, slow, deep breathe and then just focus on your breath.

2. There is an intense calm because your vagus nerve has been stimulated.

3. It helps with your disease, with your blood pressure, and with your hormones because when you’re in a state of complete calm. You’re lowering cortisol and adrenaline, which are your stress hormones. When you lower this you send a signal to your entire body that everything’s okay in homeostasis.

4. It is in homeostasis that there is harmony, it is when you’re out of homeostasis that you’re in disharmony. And when you’re in constant disharmony there is a disease.

Quick Tip: Now you can do this I don’t prefer that you do this before you drive, you can do this at home, you can do this after a stressful meeting, you can do this if you have sleep problems as well at night.

Do this exercise continue breathing with your eyes closed for however long you can be in that calm. Then just put your head gently down onto your pillow and fall into a deep sleep.

This is simple science, a simple technique, it doesn’t cost you money right now. After the call, not today, not later, today not, tomorrow not next week, right after this exercise. If you have the ability it takes you one minute to do this exercise. 30 seconds left and 30 seconds right.

Do this Exercise on the Opposite side

Use your right hand and guide your right ear to your right shoulder. Then squint in the opposite direction left topmost corner.

In The opposite left hand, move your left ear towards your left shoulder and look with your eyes in the opposite corner. Which is the right topmost corner. 30 seconds minimum blinking slow count slow breathing your breathing should move slowly your inhale and exhale should be extremely slow.

After you finish that sit up your head straight eyes closed and continued deep breathing. Now if you have vertigo or you suffer from dizziness and stuff like that. You may want to make an informed decision about this not because it’s bad for you. It could be very overwhelming.

People Experience with this Simple Technique

A lot of people who do this exercise for the first time feel very overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the calm, it’s a very, very deep calm.

I am a believer and a teacher of self-realization. What does that mean? It may sound good what I’m saying, what you keep reading, what you keep hearing in life, self-realization is when you practice it and you realize that hey this suits me.

When you feel wow! This works for me. I feel so good so you learn through action, through self-realization and then you know what works for you.

Teach this to people. First, become an expert at this and then teach it to people. It’s a beautiful way to have instant relief from stress.


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