Simple Technique to Lose Belly Fat in Just 1 Week

Losing belly fat is multifactorial. A lot of our problems can be sorted by the way that we eat, our sleep is important, the way we think, our emotional wellness, and our exercise all that is important. There are tens of thousands of people who have followed this technique and it’s working brilliantly for them.

At the same time, a lot of people followed this technique and it started to work for them. But because their lives changed. Some of them went back to work after the pandemic. Travel started they couldn’t maintain it.

When it comes to losing belly fat you may have seen or read many people will suggest you eat this food. They suppose to give you a timetable, they may suggest you some cardio exercise and much more. But this may work for some people and may not work for some.

The technique I am going to discuss in this blog is unique. I have tested this technique with so many people and I got so many positive responses from them. After practically working on this technique to lose belly fat. In this blog, I am sharing this with you. So let’s get started.

A simple technique to lose belly fat

This simple technique while losing belly fat is dependent on your hormonal balance, your sleep, your emotional wellness, all of these things your sugar intake, everything else. What you need to understand is hunger.

Have you ever thought about hunger?

We look at hunger as a negative thing. We think of people who are starving, people who don’t have food to eat. All of that’s right, they’re hungry. Have you understood the emotion and the feeling that comes with hunger?

Listen to your body

All your body constantly speaks to you. It’s telling you what to do, it’s telling you that you shouldn’t be in that relationship, it’s telling you that this person isn’t right for me, it’s telling you it’s warning you that doesn’t say that, don’t do this.

But we don’t listen most of the time we can’t hear that silent voice of our body. Because our minds are chaotic we’re constantly thinking, we’re not mindful, we’re moving on from one thing to another, and we’ve lost the ability to sit down and be.

Relax, listen and connect with the inner voice that is always speaking to you. You already know why you’re struggling with your weight. You know you know the things that you need to stop doing. You know the things that you need to start doing.

You already know why there are problems in your relationship. You know what needs to change. You know what you need to make the decisions and the choices you have to make.

There is a knowing, but now when it comes back to the technique is a very simple thing. How many of you eat only when you’ve got a signal of hunger?

Ask yourself When it Comes to Lose Belly Fat

When you ate your breakfast today, if you wait were you hungry? When you eat your lunch today, are you gonna eat it because you’re hungry? Or it’s lunchtime? When you have your dinner tonight is it because you’re hungry or because it’s dinner time?

Because of our schedules and work and life we put ourselves on a timetable. It’s the same thing in schools most kids may not even be hungry. When it’s lunchtime, but it’s lunchtime and they are going to eat.

My point is if you’ve been struggling with your health for the longest time. Maybe you’ve got to allow the intelligence of your body to take over. And for that, you are going to hear what if you try this for the next couple of days. Start with one day only eating when you are physically hungry.

Some Reasons Which Make You Fat

Now for that, you got to be mindful enough to know that you’re not emotionally hungry. You’re not eating because you’re sad, you’re not eating because you’re bored, you’re not eating because you’re happy.

You are eating because you have that rumbling in your stomach and then knowing and you know wow! I’m physically hungry. That is the time to think of it this way, there’s very simple science involved with this.

Your body is now asking you for nutrition whether it’s for energy, repair, rejuvenation, your heart, your brain, your lung, or your liver. Your body knows when it needs nutrition it asks for it. It’s controlled by hormones your Ghrelin a hormone that communicates hunger.

It will automatically go up you’ll feel hungry telling you to eat. Now you would have reflected and you would have realized that most of us are eating when we’ve not even got the signal of hunger yet.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Simple Technique to Lose Belly Fat in Just 1 Week

Now how you fit this technique into your day, it’s up to you because a lot of you will be pilots, some of you will be working night shifts, some of you will be scientists, some of you will be moms who are feeding, it’s going to be different but figure it.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Try this! Wait until you get hungry it could be lunchtime you’re not hungry don’t eat today. Don’t eat, wait till you’re hungry and when you get that feeling of hunger wait another 10 minutes. Sometimes the feeling passes away because sometimes we get hungry, according to a clock.

Your body is used to you are eating at a particular time wait for 10 minutes. If the feeling passes away great, wait until you’re hungry again. If the feeling doesn’t pass away eat now when you eat there’s more magic.

Simple Technique to Lose Belly Fat in a Nutshell

  1. When you are hungry. Wait for 10 minutes
  2. Ask yourself, are you really hungry?
  3. If hunger goes away. Don’t eat anything.
  4. If your hunger does not go away. Then enjoy your meal.

Always remember you ate your meal when you’re hungry. By doing this are allowing your body to take all the proteins, nutrition and many more from the food you are eating. Also, this technique to lose belly fat has so many more benefits. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

Eat When You Are Hungry – Benefits

When you are hungry your body is ready to receive nutrients, and nutrition, whatever it is it’s ready. It’s alert your immune system is on alert, your immune system is always on alert when you’re eating food. Just in case you’ve ingested a poison or something else your immune system you know wakes is on alert to save your life.

The beauty is when you’re not hungry all of these functions don’t work. You don’t have the right stomach acid, the enzymes aren’t produced which is why a lot of people that eat when they’re not hungry suffer from indigestion. Because you don’t have the right digestive enzymes to help you break it down.

What Happens if You eat When You are Not Hungry?

When we’re eating when we’re not even hungry, we’re putting digestive pressure on our digestive system. Try this! If you’re a sick patient you’re going through treatment you have to take your medication with your food all of that please make an informed decision.

For everyone else, two things are going to happen your sugar cravings are gonna disappear. Your caffeine cravings are also going to disappear. If you enjoy one cup of coffee, but that craving disappeared too. So then you have to force yourself to have that coffee. Because you enjoy a good bean, but the craving went away completely.

You will find that you’re more energetic. All of a sudden you realize how much more you’ve eaten in your life when you were not hungry. So what happens to people who are struggling with fat you start to burn this fat for energy. It works beautifully do not starve yourself, there’s a big difference between starving.

Hunger vs. Starving

Now if you’re hungry and your body’s telling you to eat, but you’re still prolonging it you’re starving. Starving is going to do the opposite, it’s going to your metabolism, and you’re going to put on more fat. You’re going to have indigestion acidity and everything else.

Now for a lot of acidic people, you may find that the moment you get hungry you will also get acidic. That’s why sometimes you’re told to eat every 2-3 hours, but that’s never going to solve your problem. Sometimes go through that.

The first time the acidity will be there. The second time the acidity will disappear. So you just got to bear with that discomfort for a bit. If you’re highly acidic, this is not for you. First, fix your acidity and then you can go back to respecting hunger.

Try this because a beautiful teacher is a self-realization. You can watch all the content in the world and wonder if it’s going to work for you. Self-realization is when you do it. So try it what do you have to lose nothing. You’re going to be successful or you’re not going to be successful but self-realization will try.

My Experience with this Simple Technique

Sometimes your body can get used to eating less. That’s what happened to me after a while from three meals. I went to two meals from two meals.

I went to one meal full of energy, but then I started losing muscle and all of that stuff and I don’t want to. So I went back, I went back to two meals because your body can also get very used to. What you train it for and the second thing is I’m always worried about micronutrients.

If you do this there will be a problem with how to get all of your micronutrients into one meal?

If you are having one meal a day so you may lose a lot of weight. But you’re gonna have bigger problems because you have deficiencies of micronutrients. So I prefer to have my food, maybe in two or even three meals. But wait until you are hungry specifically.

This will also teach you something about yourself if you’re constantly having sugary foods and carb foods you’re going to find yourself getting hungry for one hour and two hours. That’s because your glucose spike and you crash.

You’re not hungry you’re hungry because of the glucose crash and that’s going to teach you to change the way you eat. Move from high carb meals to quality carb meals or low carb meals. Whatever suits you, you try this! If it works for you, great! It works for most people the negatives I have got are just a few people.

Don’t do it if it’s making you too acidic. But for everyone else just try it you only learn about the beauty of yourself when you try things. Self-realization comes with you doing it so it’s very simple your next meal is only when you are physically hungry.

Wait for 10 minutes the feeling passes don’t eat. The feeling continues, please enjoy your meal. Eat it slow eat it with grace bless your food and then wait and see when you get hungry next.

How this Technique Works – Scientific reason

The human body is incredible, so what you’re doing by doing this is building fasting intervals natural. Fasting intervals between your meals you know putting yourself in a box of 16-8. You’re a human being in physiology, biology, and chemistry.

You can’t put yourself into a box and expect to get the same results that everyone doing the 16 eight is going to get. By doing this you don’t need to think about fasting because you’re building many fasting cycles between your meal and your next meal based on your body’s intelligence telling you. When you are ready for your next meal.

So, this was all about losing belly fat by stopping yourself from eating food. If you want to know how you can lose weight by drinking water. Then this is the article you must check out – Best Way To Burn Belly Fat By Just Drinking 500 ml of Water – Scientific Reason. In this article, I have given a deep explanation of how water works when it’s time to lose belly fat.

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