HTML – MCQ 12th Computer Science TPS

Select the correct alternative and rewrite the following.

1.____________tag is used for superscript in HTML.

  Asked in Board Exam  (Oct. 2002)  Important

(i) <SUPER>

(ii) <SUP>

(iii) <UP>


Ans : (ii) <SUP>

2.HTML stands for ________________

  Asked in Board Exam  (Oct. 2004, Oct 2005)  Important

(i) Hyper Text Mark up language

(ii) High Text Manipulation Language

(iii) Hyper Text Manipulation Language.

(iv) High Text Markup Language

Ans (i) Hyper Text Mark up language

3.To display defination lists on your web page _________ tag is used.

(i) <DLIST>

(ii) <OL>

(iii) <LI>

(iv) <DL>

Ans : (iv) <DL>

4. Long form of HREF is ____________

  Asked in Board Exam  (March 2020)  Important

(i) Horizontal reference

(ii) Hypertext reference

(iii) Hyperlink reference

(iv) Hypermedia reference

Ans. : (ii) Hypertext reference

5. RGB code for BLACK color is _____________

(i) FF0000


(iii) 00000F

(iv) 000000

Ans : (iv) 000000

6. Which of the following color name is not allowed to used in HTML _____________



(iii) ORANGE


Ans. : (iii) ORANGE

7. _____________ tag is used to put a line break in HTML code.

  Asked in Board Exam  (March 2003)  Important

(i) <HR>

(ii) <BR>

(iii) <P>

(iv) <TI>

Ans : (ii) <BR>

8. To place the image into an HTML file _________________ attribute is used in IMG tag.

(i) <URL>

(ii) <ALT>

(iii) <SRC>

(iv) <HREF>

Ans : (ii) <SRC>

9. VB Script can be executed in _____________ web browser.

(i) Netscape Navigator

(ii) InternetExplorer

(iii) Both

(iv) None of these

Ans. : (iii) Both

10. The long form of SGML is ________________

  Asked in Board Exam  (March 2005)  Important

(i) Standard Global Machine Language

(ii) Standard Global Markup Language

(iii) Standard Generalized Machine Language

(iv) Standard Generalized Markup Language

Ans : (iv) Standard Generalized Markup Language

11. ___________ is the name of the web browser.

  Asked in Board Exam  (Oct. 2006)  Important

(i) Embedded system

(ii) Netscape Navigator

(iii) Oracle

(iv) C++

Ans: (ii) Netscape Navigator.

12. _______ tag is used for scroll the text.

  Asked in Board Exam  (Mar. 2007, 09)  Important

(i) <STRIKE>

(ii) <MARQUEE>

(iii) HR

(iv) None of these

Ans : (ii) <MARQUEE>

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