Best Spice Star Anise Tea For Virus, Cold, Cough & More In Just 5 Steps

Star Anise can cure your virus, flu, cold and coughs indigestion. Today I want to explain to you this particular spice. You can buy this in any country in the world. You would have come across the spice if you use it the right way.

I’m going to teach you how to brew a very simple herbal tea. If you’re allergic to spice just don’t have it. But if you can the next time you feel you’re coming up with a cold or a cough or a viral or the flu you want to try this. This can help you get better because this is one of the most anti-viral spices that exist.

Best Spice Star Anise Tea For Virus, Cold, Cough & More In Just 5 Steps

The extract of the spice is used by pharmaceutical companies for a very common drug called Tamiflu. Which is used for flu, the spice that I’m talking about is Shikimic acid. It’s found in a spice called Star Anise.

The star anise that’s s-t-a-r like the star and a-n-i-s-e. Now the star anise is a spice that’s found all over the world I mean it may not grow in your particular place. But it’s important because it’s used in a lot of cuisines it’s used in cooking.

Shikimic acid is extracted from this particular spice and used in Tamiflu. Well here’s how you can use it – While of course, you should never ignore your symptoms, you must seek medical help when required.

Spice Star Anise Tea Recipe

All you need is one-star anise and then you take it and you boil it in water. You can make your herbal concoction. You can boil it in the water now then what you can do when you boil the star anise, then add a little bit of ginger.

You can add ginger powder or can add fresh ginger. You can chop a one-inch piece of ginger and you can add it to the concoction while it’s boiling. You can also add a little bit of clove powder.

You can add a little bit of cinnamon powder for taste but also because it’s anti-inflammatory. Whenever we have a viral or cola or cough there’s inflammation in the body. Now add the ginger and adding the clove it can also help you to break down mucus.

So when we have a viral or a cold or a cough we have a stuffy nose or our kids have stuffy noses it’s uncomfortable. You think you have a headache, you keep trying to pop your ears all the time because it’s filled with mucus in your nose especially.

So by adding these spices to the star anise you boil it for about five minutes. Reduce it to about half and then you sip on it warm. You can have it in the morning, you can have it in the afternoon, you can have it at night.

It’s also great for indigestion so if you’ve overeaten you’ve had a heavy meal which you shouldn’t do or you normally have indigestion. While you try to identify the root cause of your problem it’s also important to understand that star anise tea can help you to calm down your digestive system if it’s behaving erratically.

When it comes to viruses and colds rest is very important, your sleep is important you don’t want to overtrain in the gym, maybe a light walk or like yoga or complete rest listen to your body. If you’re stressed out the more stressed you are lower your immune system.

So you might want to try this. This is found very effective for many people going through chemotherapy radiation. Where the immune system is already low as well as for diabetes. There’s a warning that comes with this, it’s also helpful for blood sugar levels.

So sometimes if you’re on a low level of diabetic medication and you have star anise it can lower your blood sugar levels. Which is a good thing but dangerous if you’re not aware because you could go into hypo.

Quick Recap

I will repeat the recipe once again it’s simple star anise. I am sure your mom has it in the kitchen already. One of them boils it in about 500 ml of water optional ginger powder or fresh ginger a few slivers of that, a pinch of clove powder, a pinch of cinnamon powder that’s up to you to make it more anti-inflammatory and reduce it to half and sip warm.

You can do it once twice or three times a day. Even kids over the age of five and six can have it. If it suits you do it. if it doesn’t suit you just don’t do it. But these are the little gifts that nature’s given us.

This will take away your complete cold and cough and flu. Yes, it may! but it doesn’t have to sometimes you still need medication and you still need to change your lifestyle.

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