How to Reset Your Sleep Cycle in One Night? Try This To Fix Your Sleep Schedule

At one point the world is focused on diabetes, then we’re focused on cancer and we’re focused on cardiovascular disease. A couple of people have to die when they’re young and fit for more light and more awareness to be thrown onto cardiovascular fitness.

When we see a couple of deaths in cancer and everyone gets reminded about the disease of cancer and we get worried about it we start looking after our lifestyles. While we keep changing the last two years have been the covid and it threw light on a word called the immune system.

Immunity is the first and last line of defence in the human body. No matter who you are, what your designation is, what your gender is, how much money you have, how famous you are if you have a weak immune system.

You are vulnerable to any of those diseases out there. We have one silent pandemic that’s been going on for the longest time and it goes on even now when people are trying to search for more medication, search for more superfoods, search for more meditations, and the chance to get healthier and healthier. The silent pandemic is sleep deprivation.

You need to understand that sleep deprivation has a link and a connection medically and scientifically. With every single disease, with the fact that you’re trying to burn off your body, with your weak bones, with the inability to detoxify, with excessive inflammation in your body waking up with chronic stress levels which further causes diseases.

You can see it’s a vicious cycle. You see human beings if we were not meant to move we wouldn’t have muscles, we wouldn’t have joints if we were meant to sit all day. If we were not meant to sleep, we wouldn’t have melatonin. A hormone that puts us to sleep.

We wouldn’t have slept receptor hormones in our system. The circadian rhythm wouldn’t make sense to us, but you see nature has built-in intelligence outside of us and within us. Human beings are the only species, the only species who take sleep for granted.

We don’t prioritize our sleep because we want to prioritize socializing, we want to prioritize late-night entertainment and TV of course socialize of course stay up late to watch Netflix and some of your favourite tv programs. But every day and then you wonder why you’re low on energy, you wonder why you have poor absorption, you wonder why you don’t detoxify, you wonder why you don’t heal, you wonder why your cancers keep coming back over and over again.

Sleep’s not the only reason, but sleep is a massive reason. You wonder why your immune system is low even though you’re eating organic food and superfoods and chanting all day. Sleep deprivation is connected with every function of the human body.

Why do we sleep at night?

While we sleep at night there is magic that happens the moment we start producing melatonin. Melatonin just doesn’t put us to sleep melatonin today is scientifically documented as an anti-cancer vaccine. It has the job of looking for the proliferation of cells cancer cells in our body.

Melatonin just doesn’t put us to sleep. It also helps us with our immune system, it helps us with the identification of proliferating cells. You see we compromise what we need the most. Everyone’s worried about their young daughters getting PCOS at the age of 12, 13 and 14.

It’s only the combination of insulin resistance and a hormonal imbalance caused mainly by sleep deprivation, junk food, poor lifestyle, and stress? So you can be on birth control, and you can be taking all the possible medication out there. If you do not improve your sleep you have big problems.

How to reset your sleep cycle?

It may be you have one or two or three days of discomfort, but remember to achieve anything in life the path is not always comfortable. So if we want to improve our sleep cycle because deep sleep is medicine.

If you’re looking at the prevention of diseases, if you’re looking at recovery, you’re looking at better muscle, better productivity cognitive health, and brain health. Today a lot of people don’t know that Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are also related to sleep deprivation over the years. So how to reset your sleep cycle?

Select a wake-up time in the morning whether it’s 5, 5:36, 6:30, 7, 7:38, 9, or 10 whatever it is select the wake-up time. No matter what time you go to sleep you will get up at that time.

You know if you have to pull yourself out of bed you’re feeling cranky, irritable, groggy you will get out of bed. You will not sleep or even take an afternoon nap, no matter what until night. You will do this for the next two to three days.

What you’re going to see the magic can usually happen in 24 to 48 hours, sometimes if you have a really poor lifestyle, it could take a little bit longer but it’s worth trying. It’s working for hundreds and thousands of our patients around the world. So now at night you probably will be a little more tired go to sleep and try to set the same sleep time, whether it’s 10, or 10:30 or 11 doesn’t matter.

But what matters is the time that you wake up, the time that you set. So if you said 8 o’clock and let’s say you go to sleep at two in the morning you will still wake up at 8 o’clock and you will not take an afternoon nap.

Then the second night and the third night of the second the third or the fortnight you’ll find automatically that you’re going to bed earlier and you’re falling into a deeper sleep and you’re waking up automatically without an alarm at that set time and that’s how you reset your entire sleep cycle.

As it is said it may take two days four days eight days it’s different for everyone, but you gotta try this and it will change and transform your life beautifully. Because without trying and without anyone telling you what to do your body will now start trying to put you to sleep at a particular time every night and it will automatically wake you up at that same time every morning.

So two, three, four days of discomfort to achieve anything that works better, sometimes better than medicine. In most cases, deep sleep as you continue with the cycle your sleep will start getting deeper so sometimes those of you who are sleeping for nine hours or eight hours may find yourself waking up seven hours fresh.

Because it’s not about the quantity of sleep, it’s the quality of sleep. If you get four to five hours of deep sleep and you wake up feeling like a billion bucks energetic that four to five hours is enough for you. At the same time, you can sleep eight to nine hours and still wake up feeling tired because the quality of your sleep wasn’t good.

That’s what you do to reset. Once again, I repeat it to set your wake-up time, whatever it is and try to get to bed, maybe seven-eight hours before if you sleep later your problem. You still wake up at the set time. You sleep at 5 am you will still wake up at eight o’clock in the morning and you will do this for one, two, three, or four days and you will notice how you build a fresh new sleep cycle.

Now for people who have been insomniacs or with sleep problems for 10 to 15 years, this may take a little more time but don’t give up. It works according to your circadian rhythm you’re just building a new rhythm.

Like you have a rhythm of waking up in the morning going to brush your teeth, you have rhythms everywhere music and your way of life and your heartbeat you also have a rhythm of sleep, and once you align yourself with the rhythm. With the natural rhythm of your sleep, you don’t have to try anymore to wake up with an alarm or to go to bed at a particular time it will automatically.

Like your hunger your body directs you to eat your body will direct you to sleep and will directly wake up at the right time. Try it the better you sleep everything changes your skin, your hair, your immunity, inflammation, your energy levels your attitude, everything. Imagine going through your day on half a battery of energy, a quarter of battery of energy versus going through a day highly charged 100%. Because you slept well there’s a big difference in every aspect of your life.

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