What Happens If You Force Your Child To Eat in 2022

Children and food now if you’re an adult you can apply this to adults as well, but particularly, if you force your child to eat then this can affect them badly. You see we live with these mindsets that you know good food equals a good body, equals good immunity and all of that is true.

We don’t understand that the food you eat doesn’t mean it’s going to be assimilated or absorbed or utilized by the body the right way. A simple example, all of us know someone who eats extremely healthy and organic foods and salads throughout today and juices and yet they have deficiencies and they have health problems.

We also know people who eat junk and all of the crap and you know some of them are just fine. Then we keep wondering how they’re so healthy? How do they have such good health? And good weight because it’s far beyond just the food that we feed people.

What happens when you force your child to eat food?

What has been noticed today is mothers and parents are constantly after their children to eat, to the extent that it becomes a stressful period in the child’s life at mealtimes. Mealtimes are times when children should actually be happy and relaxed and eating together as a family or whatever it is.

But today, you’ll find most children are resisting and then the memos are chasing the kids with plates or the servants are chasing the kids and forcing them to eat one morsel of food at a time. It’s practically useless because you may feel that you’ve done a good job at the end of the day by getting food into their mouth.

But you need to understand that if your child’s system is stressed. Because of what you’re trying to do to feed them the digestion and absorption of most of the minerals and vitamins is not going to happen.

When your body is in the fight and flight response which is stress mode that’s the sympathetic nervous system. You cannot absorb food the right way because your body’s too busy producing cortisol and stress hormones.

You need to be in the parasympathetic nervous system which is to rest and digest. When you’re in the rest and digest system the food that you get eaten, will be stimulated and absorbed the right way. If you’re creating a stressful situation for your child while they’re eating or you force-feed them.

Serve Food to your Child with Love

Always try to serve the food with love. Here love is very important because when the food is not served with love, then the food’s not going to work for them. It is a genuine problem because it is a stressful time for most parents because kids don’t want to eat they manipulate. They don’t want to eat fruits, they don’t want to eat greens and there are children like that as well.

But somewhere you have to draw the line and you don’t meet this problem. Midway where you decide okay fine you don’t want to eat, don’t eat skip the first meal, skip the second meal, they will be hungry at some point.

This is a fact that when you eat, you should be in a peaceful state of mind. There is no point pushing salad down an adult’s throat or a child’s throat if they don’t like it or if they’re resisting it.

Their body is just not going to absorb it their body’s going to be producing more acid and more acid. This is why today, it’s not just about good food. It’s about how your food is cooked. Is it cooked with love? Is it served with love? Are you eating in a loving environment? And a friendly environment?

Many people will laugh at this whole concept of mindfulness but it’s really how your food gets digested is dependent on every emotion going on in your body. We all know that every emotion impacts every one of the trillion cells in your body. So you’re either creating the right digestive system or the wrong digestive system?

What to do When a Child Refuses to Eat

What to do When a Child Refuses to Eat

You got to keep trying it’s just like when you have a problem in your business, you keep trying until you find a solution. When you have a problem in your relationship you do the same thing. When you have a problem wherever you try you keep trying you come up with creative ways, and you find different ways.

So you got to see if you start that right from the time. When they’re growing up you create that culture of health and your family. You won’t be having these problems, but if you’re feeling their junk and their minds are getting addicted to salt and sugar.

There’s no way your child is going to listen to you. Because they’re controlled by the addiction to sugar and processed foods. So when you put healthy food which doesn’t match up to the taste of what the food lobbies are producing to get children and adults addicted to.

What’s going to happen is they’re going to refuse all of these foods. So how can you make salads? How can you make them eat fruits? How can you make all these basic foods attractive to your child? It’s not about just garnishing the food or plate or telling them what the health benefits are.

Educate your child to eat healthy

A lot of us invest a lot of money and educate our children. Because we want them to become doctors and engineers and all of that stuff educate them to be healthy as well. And that requires patience, that requires responsibility as well.

What you’re feeding them doesn’t just always matter it’s two-way

  1. They’re eating the kind of environment you create for them.
  2. The kind of love that you give them with that food.

You can change the energy of food. The way it’s cooked and the way you serve it, the way someone eats it. If you eat food with disgust and anger that food is going to harm your body acids. But If you eat ice cream or a pastry or chocolate if you eat it with so much love and so much happiness and without any guilt and worry.

The body’s going to break it down instantly because you are not worried about fat gain. You are not going to worry about sugar levels. It’s a state of mind because your mind controls exactly how your body manifests everything that happens. You’re in the right state of mind you have the right working in your body. In the wrong state of mind, you’ll be wrong working in your body.

Stop your child to eat junk food

The three basic necessities for human life. We want clean air, we want clean food and we want clean water. We should not be fooled anymore by all of these huge food lobbies and companies. The nutritional curriculum that they want us to learn a nutrition, colour college is funded by the dairy associations, cereal companies, and snack companies because they want us to learn what they want us to learn so that we can sell their products indirectly to people.

The whole purpose is we got to wake up and start using common sense and understand that the more media that’s used to promote products and dos products and sell products is because they are not good products. But when you look at an apple or an orange or things that can change your health and boost your immunity you’ll never find an advertisement around it.

You’ll never find media around it because you cannot make money out of it. So the three foods I’m talking about are number one white sugar. White sugar in moderation is not going to harm you. It will not cause diabetes, it will not cause weight gain, and it will not decrease your immunity.

So many of us grew up on how we’re having two tablespoons of sugar in a day in our tea, maybe a cookie at tea time and we were absolutely fine. The problem is overconsumption. The problem is you’re having that sugar and then you could eat hidden sugars in your biscuits, in your recipes, in your Thai curries and even your salads because salad dressings have sugar in different kinds of sugar.

High conflict or white sugar, malted Xtreme dextrose you name it you know we’re being fooled blindly and we just think that because it’s backed by someone great or by a company that has an evaluation of a couple of million dollars. We think, wow! We’re all and we start consuming their products not using the common sense that we’re born with we got to stop being fooled.

You are creating disaster you are doing injustice by feeding your children or your body. The cheese that’s being used in fast-food restaurants is not real cheese. If it’s not real cheese what is it? All the children today, why are they so addicted to cheese and white sauce and fast food.

Because that fake cheese that you’re eating is nothing but chemicals, solid fire emulsifiers caking agents and all of these things are designed to trick your child’s mind and your adult mind into addiction. The problem is addiction, which is why people don’t really like observing themselves.

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