Visualize Your Own Success – Power of Visualization 2022

How Do You Visualize Your Own Success? What is something, that some people are so successful while some people are not? Is it luck or something else? What is it that makes them stand apart?

Success is one such word that matters different for everyone. Everyone has a different explanation for it. Whether is it health, wealth, or personal life everyone has different definitions.

How do you get closer to your success?

That’s the question, the first step is you set a goal, the moment you set a goal you achieve it, you feel successful. Goals act like a compass that shows you the direction where you have to go and then once you achieve it you feel Yes, I did it! It’s easy to hear this. But what makes the difference in those who are super successful in their areas. They do one thing in common which is visualization.

They can see their own success long before very clearly and that is the same thing which you have to do. You have to create your own image in front of your eyes. Where you are successful, where you can see yourself yes! I have got what I am planning to get. That is your future self, that is your preferred self that you genuinely want from yourself. That is what you can see while visualizing yourself and that is the superpower. The only superpower that’s makes you go towards your goal and achieve that success.

How do you visualize your own success?


You literally see yourself achieving that goal. For example, you have a presentation. You have to go on stage and speak in front of your people. You visualize how you are feeling, there are people, they are clapping for you, that energy, those vibes, how do you feel, Visualize that. Picture yourself in that scenario that is the visualizing.

Imagine how the brain works? We have this neuron whose main work is to pass information. Whenever the brain sees one image in front of it. It believe this is true, this is real and then the brain triggered your body. Attention! Take action, prepare yourself because the brain can see it. So, it instructs the body to take action towards it and to work towards it. That is the beauty of it.

Now, you know that the brain is supporting you, how well they sing the chemistry between the mind and body is beautiful.

What you can do next?

There are two types of visualization:

There are two types of visualization:

1. Outcome visualization

You relive the outcome or you create that outcome in front of your eyes. Who all would be there when you would achieve success? What would they be saying? How do you feel? Imagine you have to buy a car for your family. Before buying that first you imagine how you are going to have the delivery of that car. You can go with your parents and you can tie their eyes with a ribbon and you can give them a surprise by unrevealing that car. And the happiness that you can see on your parent’s faces is beautiful. What happens when you visualized your success and then it becomes reality, it feels amazing.

2. Process Visualization

To plan the entire process like how you will be creating that surprise. How do you take your parents with you? Each and every minute that every moment and visualize every process. Every part of it. Similarly, when you go for public speaking visualize the entire process, when you are preparing your script, your speech when you are going to the stage prepare everything, every part of the process.


Both things are equally important, Outcome and process. Both things together would give you that drive that you will be unstoppable. Once you visualize yourself, being successful, then you take the action, massive action. That is one thing that is consistent with all the achievers. You have to step out of your comfort zone to make things happen and when you have visualized yourself being there, the universe, the energy would support you. That is the beauty of the entire universe when you are like yes, I want that, I am made for that and I am going to work towards it. You will have the energy to go towards that goal.

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