How To Do Metta Meditation ? Step by Step Guide with Buddhist Review

A very simple meditation technique. It’s based on metta meditation, what is matta loving kindness. Sometimes when we’re going through a lot of stress in life, a lot of negativity, there are people in our life that we can’t get rid of we have to live with them. They’re in our families, they’re in our relationships, they’re in our workplace. And we constantly have this resistance it’s creating negative energy that negative energy is affecting your health.

At a cellular level, at a deep cellular level. While we advise people, pray for your enemies, pray for the people that trouble you. This very simple meditation technique is very, very powerful, and this is how you do it. Like any meditation, the job is not to stop your thoughts from coming. You’re going to sit with your back straight, eyes closed. You’re going to know who you’re offering this metta meditation.

Meditate for whom you love

For example, it’s person A or it is person B or it’s person C you got to be very clear about this before you start the meditation. When we start this meditation you also want to have a list with these words written on it. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be abundant, may you be safe, and may you be loved. You want to write this down. You want to memorize this because this is exactly what we’re going to use in this meditation.

We sit with our backs straight, our eyes closed. We take about five to six deep breaths to centre ourselves, relax our shoulders, relax our eyes to really relax eyes. As you close your eyes you want to feel like your eyes are filling up with water. So you feel them really heavily closed. There’s a weight on your eyes closing them down. So that’s how you want to relax your eyes, relax your forehead, try to keep your back straight if you’re in a wheelchair that’s okay, support your back with a cushion. If you’re bedridden, you can lie down on the bed and do this as well.

Once you are comfortable with your position then you can start meditating. Let’s see step by step how you can do it. Follow the given steps one by one.

Steps for Metta meditation

Step 1– Think of someone whom you love

Now first you’re going to think of someone that you really love. It could be one it could be two people. It doesn’t matter, a friend, a partner a child, your sibling, your parents. It doesn’t matter who. I want you to be ready with two such people on that list.

Step 2– Warm up your heart

Second, you’re going to warm your heart. How do you warm your heart? Think of something that makes you smile a person, a thing, something that someone said, some achievement that you had, think about that so you feel that warmth in your heart. You first need to feel good in your heart before starting this meditation. It could be a very, very simple thing, but you need to have that thought ready to warm your heart.

Step 3– Start Meditation

Now the meditation starts with you may I be happy, may I be healthy, may I be abundant, may I be safe, may I be loved. And while you say it. I really want you to say it from the depth of your heart. You’ve got to be calm and relaxed to do this warm the heart first. It’s like a warm-up and then this is going to be easier. While you say the “I” it’s for you, to first set the loving-kindness (Meta) for yourself, before you offer it to other people.

Step 4– Meditate for whom you love

meditation 2

Now, the second person is going to be someone you love. You are going to say, you’re going to think of that person may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be abundant, may you be safe, may you be loved. You’re going to say it for that person in front of you, but they’re not. You’re offering this to them.

Step 5– Meditate for the second person you love

You’re going to do it to the third person, you did Metta Meditation for yourself person number. One who you love person number two. Who you love, that person is going to be in your mind and in your heart and you’re going to offer them the same thing. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be abundant, may you be loved, may you be safe, you can change. I prefer that you don’t change it try to keep the sequence the same all of this is going in your subconscious mind.

Step 6– Meditate for your haters

Now you’ve done it for three people yourself and two people that you love. The fourth person is going to be the person with who you’re struggling in your life. It could be your mother-in-law, your father-in-law your own child, a sibling a, colleague your partner, or someone who’s cheated you, doesn’t matter where the problem is in your life with that person. That person is going to be now in your mind and you are going to say may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be abundant, may you be safe, may you be loved.

Now I want you to be very mindful while you’re doing this. You’re going to find resistance to doing it. It’s going to be difficult, you’re gonna struggle, but that’s the whole point of this. Some of you may break down and cry especially when you’re offering love to that person. When you’re offering you’re not giving your love. You’re saying may you be loved, may you be safe, you’re not responsible for these emotions for creating them for that person.

Step 7– Meditate for everyone

You are just offering them those energies so, you may break down here, you may find it difficult, but you will get through it. You will end it with may everyone be happy, may everyone be healthy, may everyone be safe, may everyone be abundant, may everyone be loved. You see I broke the cycle there but try to keep it straight that’s it. That’s your exercise done.

Now if you have a list of people who you’re struggling with you do them separately. Take one person at a time do it for four to five days, then move on to the second person and the third person. By doing this from your heart what can you expect, that energy that you’re sending them is actually breaking this invisible block that is creating all the negative conflict in your life. The more you do it the better it’s going to be.

Benifits of Metta Meditation

Number one it’s healing for you. Number two without trying to change the other person believe me in most cases, In most cases you’re going to start seeing a change in the other person because till now you are vibrating at the same low vibrational energy with them. By doing loving-kindness metta meditation or giving meta you are raising your vibration.

Now there’s a distance between them and you. In this space, you’re going to feel better. At this level, you’re going to feel the same and that is the importance of this beautiful technique.

Where you can do metta meditation?

You can do it in a car, not while driving while you’re the passenger, you can do it on a flight, on the beach, on a mountain, in your office, everywhere. But do it from your heart and as you see the beauty of this exercise. Anyone who’s a problem in your life just sends them energy. You don’t want to come down to their level you always want to be vibrating at a higher level.

History of Metta Mediation

Loving-kindness meta meditations have existed in Buddhism for the longest time.

Loving-kindness meta meditations have existed in Buddhism for the longest time. For the longest time, then how are you going to take this output down these little affirmations. And you can change them this is what I’d like you to follow. Later you can have anything you can say may you be joyful, may you have abundance, may you have every bit of love in this life. You can change it but right now we’re taking step number one. Let’s get perfect at step number one before we move to step number two. I hope this helps you change your life and the lives of other people. practice, practice, practice. Consistency is everything.

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