Non-Alignment Movement Essay | Essay on Non-Alignment Movement | Non-Aligned Movement pdf

Non-Alignment Movement Essay | Essay on Non-Alignment Movement 

Non-alignment means keeping away from two proper blocs in the world. This movement was started by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru of India, President Nasser of Egypt, and President Tito of Yugoslavia in 1961. Originally, it was the Afro-Asian movement in character. Latin American countries later joined it: Currently, several Western European countries were also attracted to it. This movement is based on peaceful co-existence, economic cooperation, cultural unity, and settling disputes through mutual negotiations. The Second NAM summit was held in Cairo in 1974. The third Non-Align-Summit was held in Lusaka in 1970, and its economic resolutions contained in the declaration were sounded at UNCTAD held in Chile the following year. The fourth summit was held in Algiers in the year 1973. The fifth summit of NAM was held in Colombo in 1976. In 1972 the 6th summit was held in Cuba. The leader of the seventh summit was Smt. Indira Gandhi. This meeting was held in New Delhi and was attended by 99 members. The eighth summit was held at Harare.

Non-Alignment may prove useful in minimizing the cold war between the two blocks—one headed by Russia and the other by the U.S.A. To avert the danger of the Third World War and to slow down the arms race, the non-aligned nations can play an active role. If non-aligned nations remain truly non-aligned, they can avert the nuclear war. These nations can also help each other in economics, science, industry, and education.

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