Data Structures – MCQ

Q. 51 Select the correct alternative and rewrite the following statements

1. Finding location of given element is called as ___________ (March 2005)
(i) Traversing
(ii) Insertion
(iii) Searching
(iv) None of the above
Ans. : (iii) Searching

2. Data items that are divided into subitems are called as ___________
(i) Group items
(ii) Elementary items
(iii) Nodes
(iv) Arrays
Ans. : (i) Group items

3. In LINKED LIST, Link field contains ___________
(1) Value of next node
(ii) Address of next node
(iti) Value of previous node
(iv) None of these
Ans. : (ii) Address of next node

4. A record is a collection of ___________
(i) Files
(ii) Arrays
(iii) Fields
(iv) Maps
Ans. : (iii) Fields

5. The time required to execute bubble sort algorithm having ‘n’ input items is directly
proportional to ___________
(i) n²
(ii) n
(iii) Log2n
(iv) Logen²
Ans.: (i) n²

6. Maximum number of nodes of symmetric binary tree with depth 5 are___________ (March 2002)
(i) 5
(ii) 25
(iii) 31
(iv) 32
Ans. : (iii) 31

8. Accessing each element in an array only once is called ___________ (Oct. 2002, March 2003)
(i) Searching
(ii) Inserting
(iii) Deleting
(iv) Traversing
Ans. : (iv) Traversing

9. The elements of record are ___________ (Oct. 2003, March 2009)
(i) Homogeneous
(ii) Similar
(iii) Non-homogeneous
(iv) Identical
Ans. : (iii) Non-homogeneous

10. The most efficient search algorithm is___________ (March 2004)
(i) Binary search
(ii) Reverse search
(iii) Linear search
(iv) Pointer search
Ans: (i) Binary search

11. The number of comparisons required for bubble sorting of an array of n elements is_________(March 2004)
(i) n(n-1)/2
(iii) log2n
(iv) logign
Ans:(i) n(n – 1)/2

12. Finding the location of record with a given key value is known as ____________ (March 05, Oct.11)
(i) Traversing
(ii) Searching
(iii) Sorting
(iv) Inserting
Ans : (ii) Searching

13. Maximum number of nodes ina symmetric binary tree with depth four are ________________ (March 2006)
(i) 4
(ii) 15
(iii) 16
(iv) 5
Ans: (ii) 15

14. In___________data structure, an element may be inserted or deleted only at one end called Top.
(i) Queue
(ii) Array
(iii) Stack
(iv) Tree
Ans: (iii) Stack

15. Maximum number of nodes of symmetric binary tree with depth of 6 is ____________
(i) 64
(ii) 6
(iii) 63
(iv) 36
Ans: (iii) 63

16. ________________ is the only non-linear data structure from the following list. (March 2007)
(i) Array
(ii) Stack
(iii) Tree
(iv) Linked List
Ans:(iii) Tree

17. __________ is the operation of rearranging the elements of an array either in increasing and decreasing order. (Oct 2007)
(i) Sorting
(ii) Searching
(iii) DMS
(iv) DBMS
Ans: (i) Sorting

18. The complete binary tree (Tn) has n= 15 nodes then its depth (dn) is ____________
(i) 2
(ii) 3
(iii) 4
(iv) 5
Ans: (iii)

29. ________________ data structure dove 29. Not require contiguous memory allocation. (March 2015)
(i) Array
(ii) String
(ii) Pointer array
(iv) Linked list
Ans: (iv) Linked list

30. Tree is a _______________ collection of Nodes. (Oct 2015)
(1) Hierarchical
(ii) Linear
(iii) Relational
(iv) Graphical
Ans: (i) Hierarchical

31.If a complete binary tree (Tn) has n = 1000 nodes, then its depth (Dn) is ____________ (July 2016)
(i) 10
(ii) 20
(iii) 50
(iv) 109
Ans: (i) 10

32. _______________ is the only non-linear data structure from the following list. (July 2017)
(i) Array
(ii) Stack
(iii) Tree
(iv) Linked List
Ans: (iii) Tree

33.If lower bound = 0 and upper bound = 15, then midterm is _______________ in binary, search method. (July 2018)
(i) 6
(ii) 7
(iii) 8
(iv) 9
Ans.: (iii) 8

34. _________________ is very useful in situation when data is to be stored and retrieved in reverse order. (March 2019)
(i) Stack
(ii) Queue
(iii) Linked List
(iv) Tree
Ans: (i) Stack

35.Record contains ________________ data. (July 2019)
(i) Homogenous
(ii) Non-homogenous
(iii) Same
(iv) None of these
Ans: (ii) Non-homogeneous

36. ____________ is collection of fields. (March 2020)
(1) File
(ii) Record
(iii) Array
(iv) Queue
Ans: (ii) Record

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