Letter of sympathy to a friend on his failure to seek admission in a college For class 7, 8, 9 and 10

LETTER-WRITING- Letter of sympathy to a friend on his failure to seek admission in a college.


Letter-writing like essay writing is also an art. It is an expression of the imaginative faculty of a writer. The practice of developing this art has its origin in the need of conveying messages and expressing our, views on some particular subject to a person living away from us. Owing to the increasing number of literate persons in this world, this art has achieved greater importance, It can mostly be acquired by constant and regular practice.

Private and Personal letters are generally written to relatives, friends, acquaintances or strangers. The language of this type of letter should be simple, direct, courteous and impressive.


  1. The Heading or the address of the writer: It consists of two parts
    (i) The date: It should be written on the top left-hand corner of the first page of the letter
    (ii) The address: It is written just above the date, such as
    20 Chatrapati Square
  2. Salutation: Different kinds of letters begin with different forms of salutation. It is written on the left-hand side of the letter. It differs with the different types of relationships, with the person to whom the letter is being written.
  3. The body of the letter or the message: This is the most important part of the letter. Its style depends upon the kind of letter that is being written.
  4. The subscription or the complimentary close: Different letters have different Subscriptions. It consists of the leave-taking words in polite manners just at the end of the letters.
  5. Signature: In the letters written to strangers the signature should be
    Very clearly put down. lt should come below the subscription.

informal letter format

Letter of sympathy to a friend on his failure to seek admission in a college.

31 Esplanade Road,
Delhi-110 006
4th June, 2022

My dear Krishna,

I am really surprised to learn that you could not get admission for further studies in any of the colleges in Delhi. I know that this must be very disappointing to you, especially when you secured very good marks in the Higher Secondary Examination. Krishna, you should not be disheartened about this. Nowadays, it is not essential to get admission and a degree or diploma in the near future, but it is more essential to secure a job in a good company with a bright prospect.

I hope you would agree with me that many degrees and diploma holders are being seen roaming the roads in search of some suitable employment. So I shall advise you to find out some suitable job rather to be disappointed on not getting the admission for further studies.

Incidentally, I have seen an advertisement in the English Baily-THE INDIAN EXPRESS wherein some vacancies for the post of an Assistant and Private Secretary in the Office of Consultants’ Corporation of Industries, Chawri Bazar, Delhi have been advertised. I shall sincerely advise you to apply for one of the same. I am confident that you would have a good chance since you possess a very good academic record. I hope and trust that you would act upon my, advice.

Please also let me know whether I could be of any help to you.

Hoping for your sure success,

Yours lovingly,

Radha Krishna Aggarwal,
House No: 331, Berriwala Bagh,
Near Tis Hazari,

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Letter of sympathy to a friend on his failure to seek admission in a college.

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