Home Insurance and Auto Insurance in 2022

The top home and car bundles of insurance are currently provided by Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Progressive along with State Farm. These companies offer a wide variety of discounts available to different policyholders, an array of bundles and superior claim handling.

If you have multiple insurance providers for your homeowners/renters insurance and auto insurance you couldbe paying more than you should.

It’s because a majority of insurance companies offer a good discount for bundling both auto and home policies from them. Many companies that are thought to be auto-only will offer bundles for auto and home (think GEICO).

How big are the savings? Is bundling always worth it? Which service providers provide the best prices?

Here’s my home and car Insurance bundles comparison.

What’s Ahead:

  • Best Auto and Home insurance bundles Overview
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Policygenius
  • How I came up with this List
  • “>Should I bundle Home and Auto Insurance?
  • How to get the best Deal on a Home and Automobile Bundle
  • FAQs
  • Summary
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Best Auto and Home insurance bundles Overview

Ideal for Hybrid-Electric Car owners: Liberty Mutual
Best Discounts: Allstate
Ideal for loyal policyholders: Progressive
Ideal for Fast Claims Procedure: State Farm
is the best way to compare Auto and Home Bundles: Policygenius

Liberty Mutual

Best For:Hybrid-electric car owners
Bundle discount: Up to 30%

Liberty Mutual’s premium rates begin out extremely high, but then tend to drop into a competitive range when you start hammering away at the plethora of special offers. Are you a member of a fraternity or sorority? Safe driver? Are you driving a hybrid or an electric vehicle? Discount, discount, discount.

This is a point worth noting because according to my insurance nerdiness, Liberty Mutual is the onlyinsurance provider to offer the discount to drivers who own the “green” vehicle. It’s a pretty obvious discount however, what shouldyour provider care about how many MPG you’ll get? This is why Liberty Mutual deserves kudos.

In terms of bundles, Liberty Mutual offers them however they don’t disclose how much you’ll save. I spoke with some agents and averaged theirclaims at around 30 percent. It’s quite a bit (the industry’s highest actually) however, I’m not sure it’s too high considering Liberty Mutual’s inclination to offer large discounts.


Best to: List of long-discounted items
Bundle discount: Up to 25%

Allstate Allstate is the all-in-one place to shop for insurance. In fact, the amount of discounts, perks and services they offer could not fit on the size of a CVS Pharmacy receipt.

But to me, the one-perk-to-rule-them-all is their Claims Satisfaction Guarantee. Insurance companies often attract customers with low prices and sophisticated technologies, however the attraction soon fades when you go through the lengthy claim process that is painful and painful. In the case of Allstate If you’re not satisfied with the process of submitting an insurance claim, the company will reimburse your premium for six months.

Bundle wise, Allstate offers discounts up to 25%, and also an online quote tool that is designed for bundles.

Find out More about Allstate as well as read our complete review.


Best For: Loyal policyholders
Bundle discount: Customers save 12% on average

Progressive prominently promotes its multi-policy discountsthat are available when you combine all of its services. This means that you can bundle auto insurance and home insurance, regardless of whether the home is a one-family home or a condominium, or even a rental unit.

Progressive’s bundles don’t stop there. There are also discounts available when you bundle insurance for your boat, RV motorcycle, or other. Anything that’s in your driveway will likely be insured by Progressive.

When you add policies in the future you’ll still be able to take advantage of discounts on bundles. Progressive will apply the discounted price to the new policy you put up.

Alongside multi-policy discounts, Progressive also issues discounts for multiple vehicles and loyalty discounts that can be applied to your previous experience with the previous insurance company. This provides you with an extra incentive to switch to Progressive from an old insurer, particularly in the event that they’re offering discounts for being a frequent customer.

State Farm

Best in: Fast claims process
Bundle discount: Up to $854State Farm It’s another “big boxes store” service that offers a variety of discounts and insurance. What sets them apart is their lower renter’s insurance costs and the huge discounts for safe drivers who are young.

Most likely to attract younger customers State Farm’s renter’s insurance rates are in competition with online only companies like Lemonade.

The bundle-wise approach, State Farm states that you could save as much as $854 when you buy a home and auto bundle. However, they do not claim that this figure is indicative of the amount newpolicyholders were able to save when they switched in the year 2018, and not necessarily the amount State Farm discounts their own bundles. But the savings definitely are there, and you can figure out the exact amount by speaking to an insurance representative.


is ideal in: Automatically comparing auto and home bundles
Discount on bundles: Varies by lender

Policygenius the insurance marketplace helps you find the most suitable bundle of auto and home insurance more simple than ever before. After completing the Policygenius application, a few lenders will be shown in front of you, with their rates and details written in a simple language.

Policygenius cooperates with many large-name, reputable lenders, meaning there’s something to suit all. In addition, getting quotes from Policygenius won’t alter your credit. When you’re ready for applying for a direct loan, Policygenius is there to assist you with the application process.

How I came up with this List

While creating this list, I took a look at which insurance companies offer bundles and how big the savings they can make as well as the credibility of the insurer.

Possible Savings

I concentrated on companies that provide at most one of these:

  • A substantial discounted bundle.
  • A bundle-exclusive perk.
  • Very low rates to begin with.
Home Insurance and Auto Insurance

Good Reputation

I have only included insurance companies that have at least an A.M. Best rating of Excellent or better.

Should I bundle Home and Auto Insurance?

While it could appear to be a straightforward idea bundle of auto and home does not make sense in every scenario. In reality there are some “bundles” aren’t actually bundles.

There are advantages and disadvantages of bundle auto and home together.

Advantages in Bundling Insurance

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The HTML0 is (Often) more affordable

As previously mentioned it is possible to get savings of up to 25 percent when you buy bundles instead of having to pay for auto and home separately. Allstate is known for its large discounts on multiple policies and offers discounts up to 10% off of automobiles and 25% discount on home insurance when combined.

It simplifies things

Bundles generally allow you to handle both your auto and home insurance through one provider. They also let you view all your insurance policies in one web-based portal similar to the Liberty Mutual Service.

It improves your relationship to Your Service Provider

Bundles can make you a appreciated customer. The provider you choose to use may offer special discounts, benefits, and more efficient service. They’ll also likely try for your business harder (more on this later).

However,like the most recent Star Wars flick, home and auto bundles aren’t quite as elegant as the advertising would have you believe.

Here are a few lesser-known disadvantagesto bundling auto and home.

Negatives associated with Bundling Insurance

Home Insurance and Auto Insurance 3

There’s No Way to Be A always Cheaper

“Discounted” does not always mean “best bargain.” Bundles could still be more expensive than buying several policies. If you travel less than 10,000 miles in a year, as an example you could save more than a discount on bundles when you insure with a pay per mile provider such as Metromile.

Bundles Can Be Subject to Rising Rates

There are a few reasons why your insurer might raise your premiums are having accidents, shifting to an unsafe neighborhood or driving a more expensive vehicle, or having a loyal (yes that’s right, if you hang around, your insurance company could believe that you don’t have the time to search for a better rate and therefore increaseyour rates by as much as 15 percent).

Certain “Bundles” Don’t Even Exist Bundles

If you study the small print, you could find that the home or auto coverage included in the “bundle” is offered by one of the affiliateof the provider you use. This means you’ll be having to deal with two different insurance companies, submitting claims with two applications, calling two agents, and so on.

How to Find the Most Value for Money on a Home and Automobile Bundle

1. Combining Your Rates

What figure do you currently paying for your home and automobile? Keep this information handy to quickly look up prices for bundles.

2. Calculate Your Proposed Mileage

If you’re planning on driving your car for less than 5,000 miles this year, don’t forget that you can save cash with pay-per-mile insurance, such as Metromile instead of a bundle. (Note: Metromile is currently only available for autos and is offered across CA, IL, NJ, PA, VA, WA, AZ, OR).

In addition that some traditional insurers are now offering super low mileage discounts to keep their prices at a competitive level, so make sure to inquire. If the smallest mileage you could input into the online calculator for quotes will be “<15,000 miles” contact an insurance agent and find out whether your insurance premium will be different if you drive more than 15,000 miles.

3. Price Shop

Make sure you take your time searching for quotes on the internet. It could take a bit of more effort, but obtaining separate quotes for renters and home automobile insurance and a bundle of each company will help you find the most affordable price for your insurance requirements.

4. Begin with a Bidding War

Let’s say that you’re paying Provider A $1200 for your car, and $1,300 to Provider B to cover your home. Provider C estimates you $2300 for the same coverage as the form of a bundle. It’s perfectly acceptable to share the quote of Provider C with Insurers B and A. Tell them you’d preferto remain with them and you’re hoping that they’ll beat the price they offer (this might also eliminate you from the list of candidates to optimize your price).

Like auto dealers, can be also open to negotiations. Keep sharing the lowest price until you realize where the price floor are. While it might be uncomfortable comparing providers with each the other, what you’re actually doing is offering them an opportunity to maintain your business, and you’ll save money while doing it.

5. Protect Yourself from Price Optimization

Reduce your costs by challenging your provider each six months to see if they have a better offer, or simply asking about discounts that are offered. If they are aware that you’re an informed consumer and they’ll be more determined to retain your business.


What is Bundling Insurance?

Bundling insurance involves purchasing multiple types of insurance policies — such as auto, home or life insurancewith the same insurance company. In most cases, insurance companies encourage it by making the price for the bundle less than the separate premiums.

Do you think Bundling Insurance Save Money?

Bundling insurance is a good way to help save money. I’ve seen offers that can save you about 25% when bundling auto and home insurance together. However, you should expect to receive around 10% savings.

Can I bundle Renters and Auto Insurance?

It’s likely the case that an insurance company offers a car and home insurance plan, then they’ll provide a renters and auto bundle too.


It’s a difficult business to make the bundles of auto and home. When they say that you could get “up to X percent” in bundles, they’re not trying to lure customers into believing that they can save you money; they actually do not know the amount you’ll save until that elusive algorithm gives you a number.

Because of this bundles are as the third element in quote gathering. If you require auto and home insurance bundle quotes, request the bundles of a few lenders to determine which is the most beneficial deal for you.

Don’t assume that if bundle auto and home insurance, you’ll get the most value by default.

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