A letter to a friend showing sympathy on his failure in the examination for class 7,8,9,&10.

A letter to a friend showing sympathy for his failure in the examination.

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2880 Paharganj
New Delhi
19th June 20____

Dear Krishna,
Words fail to express my most profound sorrow when I found your Roll Number missing from the list of the successful candidates published in the Indian Express. I sympathize with you for your unexpected failure. We were expecting that you would get through the examination with flying colors, but God was willing otherwise. Of course, it is a great loss to you, but what cannot be cured was must be endured. You made every possible effort, but what is lotted cannot be blotted. Strange are the ways of God. Now you should not be a pessimist nor take the failure to heart. Failures are the pillars of success. You may come off the examination with sparkling success next year.
With deep sympathies,

Yours sincerely,

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