A letter to friend congratulating him on winning first prize in Lottery for class 7,8,9 & 10.

A letter to friend congratulating him on winning first prize in Lottery.  Tell him the way to make the best use of the money.

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432, Queensway
Mathura U.P
19th June 20____

My dear Bhushan,
I offer my heartiest congratulations on winning the First prize in Haryana Lottery. My joy knew no bounds when I found your name on the list of prize winners. It is good luck to win two lakhs of rupees. You have a bright future before you. It is all due to your firm faith in the Almighty whose omnipotency you never dared to challenge.
May I advise you to spend your money for a good cause? My humble advice is to spend a major portion of it on your higher education. Now you can become a good and proficient doctor to serve humanity. Also, please contribute to the poor fund for the continuance of the study of poor students lest they may discontinue for want of money. You may start some scholarships in the name of your grandfather, who was always eager to serve poor people.
Please convey my best compliments to your parents.

Yours sincerely,

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