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 (Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar 1891-1956)

Baba Saheb Ambedkar (Dr. B. R Ambedkar)

Shri Bhim Rao Ambedkar was one of the leading Luminaries of India. If he had been born in a high caste Hindu family, he would have been an object of people’s worship. Unfortunately, he was born in a low caste family of Mahars. So he had to face many hardships, disgrace, and humiliation. Despite all the obstacles, he rose to be a man of knowledge and wisdom. 

Birth and early life 

He was born on 14th April 1891 at Mahau (Indore) Cantt. He passed his inter from Bombay and later completed his graduation (B.A.) from Bombay. He went to Baroda to serve Shri. Siyaji Rao Gaekward, the ruler of Baroda state because Shri Siyaji Rao had granted him a Scholarship to complete his B.A. His father wanted to check him from going to Baroda because he was going to be humiliated there.

Higher Education 

Later on, with the blessings and kindness of the ruler of Baroda, he went to the U.S.A. for higher studies. He received his M.A. degree in 1915 by presenting his Thesis on Ancient Indian Commerce to Colombia University and his Ph.d. degree from the same university. Then he migrated to London, where he received an MSC degree. Subsequently, he also received his degree in the bar at Low. 

A Valiant fighter 

There were the days when the scheduled castes, scheduled Tribes, and other low castes were considered the untouchables. They were subjected to torture, hatered, deprivation, want, humiliation, and social outcasts. Even a highly qualified person like Dr. Ambedkar would get no lucrative job. He worked as a projesor. He fought for the rights of the Low caste. He wanted equality and social justice for the so called low caste. He decried the in human behaviour and maltreatment ineted out to the low caste people at that time. 

His opposition to Congress and Gandhiji

opposition to Congress and Gandhiji

He did not become a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He also oppose the Congress party. He used to say, “What has Gandhiji and the Congress done for the Low caste people?” In 1947 Pt. Nehru offered him to be the Law Minister of free India. The same year he was made the chairman of the Constitution Making Committee. In fact, he was the Architect of the Indian constitution. He contributed a lot to make it a comprehensive social document.

A Revolutionary

 He was a revolutionary to the backbone. He was against untouchability, caste distinction, and Social Segregation. He was not against society, but he was deadly against Hindu Religion which considered Low caste people as inhuman and animals. 

His Wise Sayings

He had clear cut views on all social problems. After Independence, he said, “The Social and economic inequality should go or there would be another revolution.” He dielion peace in 1956.

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