Best Essay on My Favorite Teacher & My Favorite Book for Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

There must be many teachers in your school. Students like, respect, and love their teachers. But every student loves and respects One among their teachers. Who is his model, his favorite teacher? Write who is your favorite teacher and why you admire him most.

Essay on Your Favorite Teacher

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I read in a co-educational school. It is a big school. About one thousand boys and girls read in this school. There are about seventy teachers in it. All our teachers are good. They teach us with great devotion. They are kind to us. I like all my teachers. I respect them. But I like Miss Saroj Sharma most. She is an ideal teacher.

 Miss Saroj Sharma is my favorite teacher. She is simple. She wears a simple dress. She does not wear clothes of flashy colors. Her favorite dress is the saree. She is tall and slim and has long hair. She has an impressive personality.

She teaches us English. She knows her subject well. She teaches us poetry, prose, translation, and grammar. She always makes her teaching interesting. She can make even the most difficult lesson easy and simple. Indeed she makes learning so easy that sitting in her class is a pleasant experience. 

She is an ideal teacher. She always finds occasion to tell us of the good things of life. She tells us a lot about morals, manners, and civility. She believes that spiritual training is necessary. 

She says that every boy should behave like a good scout and every girl should behave like a good girl guide. Her own life is a model for us. 

Miss Saroj Sharma never comes to the class tired and weary. She always looks fresh and is always at her best. As long as she remains in the school, she does her best to help her students. She has a lot of patience. She answers the questions even from the dullest student with a cheerful face. She is never harsh to them. She is more eager to help them because she feels that they are in greater need of her help.

For these qualities, the students respect her. The principal and the other teachers also respect and praise her, for who would not praise such an ideal teacher? Little wonder that among all our teachers, we like her most.

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Students like to read books. Books are our must-have read many books. Which book have you liked most and why? Write about it.

Essay on My Favorite Book

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  • The Book I Like Most

I like all good books. Every good book has something good to tell us. Every book that we read adds something to our personality. That is, we grow on books and, to a large extent, what we become. That is why it is important that we choose what we like. 

I like to read biographies. Biographies tell us a lot about successful men and their attitude towards life and its problems. They present before us models of human goodness and human greatness. In a way, such books give us the company of great men and women. I have always felt that a reader can depend on n a biography and learn the lessons of life from it. 

I have read many books. They have all influenced me. But Mahatma Gandhi’s book ‘My Experiments With Truth has influenced me most. And that is the book I like most. I like this book for many reasons.

The book tells us in simple language about the life and experiences of the greatest man of our country. As we read the book, we find that Mahatma Gandhi was not born great. He became great by learning lessons from his experience and not submitting to evil, injustice, and falsehood. In other words, he became great with firm faith, clean character, and nobility. The book depicts a noble soul’s struggle for justice, truth, and liberty, and no book can be as good a friend and guide as Mahatma Gandhi’s “My Experiments With Truth.” Therefore, I like this book most. 

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