Letter from a father to his son regarding enquiry about his studies for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

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Letter from a father to his son regarding an enquiry about his studies

2018, Chandni Chowk,
8th May 20____

My dear John,

It is after a long interval of time that I have received a letter from you. I think you will be getting on well with your studies. The time at your disposal is very short. You should also know that time and tide wait for none. So l advise you to the, best use of it by making necessary adjustments. I may also tell you that time once lost will never be regained and one has to repent for the whole of his life if he fails to understand its value well in time.

Yesterday I had a chance to go to Chawri Bazaar. There I visited the shop of Dehatí Pustak Bhandar. I spent most of my time at this famous house of books. All of a sudden I had an eye on one book entitled “How to Get First Division in the Examination.” Having gone through the contents of the book carefully, I found it very useful for you. I have purchased the same and it is being sent to you separately. I advise you to read this book thoroughly and act upon the guidelines given in the book. I hope this would help you a lot.

Yours loving father

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