Glowing Skin Secrets Home Remedies Foods Can Beautify You In Less Than 1 Week

Do you know the third most abundant element in the human body and how it plays a massive role? In glowing skin, in your hair, in DNA repair, in your fingernails. You may see nature gives us minerals macronutrients and micronutrients the beauty of the human body.

Once we understand the beauty of the human body and how our body is designed to protect us, heal us, and recover. If we do the right things. We also do the wrong things, then we suffer the consequences.

The secret of Glowing Skin Sulphur

You referred to the term suffer a lot, but you may don’t usually give it too much significance.

The one thing is that the body doesn’t need too much of it. We get it from a balanced diet when we eat if we maybe eat our food the right way. It’s the third most abundant element in the human body for glowing skin.

It is found in Methionine and Cysteine these are two amino acids, amino acids that are building blocks of protein. So generally if you’re having protein with every meal and your diet is sufficient in good quality protein that we talk about you should have sufficient sulphur.

You can go on a lifetime hiding behind makeup and creams for your glowing skin and there is nothing wrong with that, But my point doesn’t fool yourself to think that it is the creams that will always give you that kind of look. It is behind the crease what’s going on in your system.

Outside beauty, outside glowing of the skin, good quality hair and good quality nails are a reflection of what you put inside of your body. You can go on using quick fixes for your skin, your hair and your nails. But at some point, you’re going to run out of those quick fixes and then you can’t hide anymore.

Use all the cosmetics in the world, especially if they’re chemical-free, but never neglect what you put into your system. Sulphur is required for the best-looking skin. If you want that glowing skin you need sulphur.

When you look at the cosmetic creams that promise you a glow on your skin. You will find sulphur as one of the main ingredients. Now sulphur externally can help to some extent, but remember it’s an inside out approach for glowing skin.

How do you get sulphur into these two (Methionine and Cysteine) amino acids that then help you with all of the functions? The same thing with your hair. You will find many times when you have dandruff or when you have psoriasis of the scalp when you’re having thinning of your hair or when you have greying of your hair.

Your doctors will or your dermats will prescribe you shampoos and hair creams that again contain the ingredient sulphur. Because sulphur helps externally, but moreover internally when you get it through your diet.

It’s also great for your nails, especially for patients who are going through chemotherapy artery radiation. Where the nails tend to get brittle and fall off or they turn they start to turn black. That is because sulphur is depleted during the chemotherapy process or radiation or sometimes even surgery.

You can strengthen your nails again and get the colour back. When you eat a diet that works with the side effects of your treatment. So if a treatment is depleting sulphur you need to put sulphur back into your body through your foods. The beauty of sulphur is it’s required in small quantities so you don’t really have to look at supplements. You can look at your own food sources.

If you find that your nails are breaking, you have a dull look on your skin even though you’re exercising, sleeping and well-drinking water. You could have a sulphur deficiency so make sure that you use some of these foods and see if it makes a difference for you.

Where do you find sulphur for your glowing skin?

If you’re eating a balanced diet, you’re never going to be sulfate deficient.

Glowing Skin Secrets Home Remedies

1. All of your cruciferous vegetables are high in sulphur, your radish, your cauliflower, your cabbage, your broccoli, your kale all of these are rich in sulphur.

2. Any food that contains Allium basically garlic, onions, leeks and shallots these are rich in sulphur. So you don’t have to eat more to get more sulphur. Even if you have a little bit of these vegetables and a little bit of onion and garlic if your religion supports it.

3. You’re getting enough sulphur in your system from millets. The entire family of millets whether it’s your finger millets, your bhajra, your ragi, naturally all of your millets your pearl barley is all rich sources of sulphur.

4. Legumes and lentils, especially the red gram and the green gram are rich sources of sulphur.

5. Chickpeas so when you cook chickpeas in a vegetable or you make hummus out of it. Hummus is a superfood because it’s got every single ingredient it suits you for almost every function in the human body. So chickpeas are a great source.

6. Non-vegetarian eggs with the yolk remember the people who do away with the egg yolk all the nutrition is in the yolk including sulphur.

7. All nuts and seeds so if you’re having pistachios, you’re having almonds, you’re having walnuts, you have cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds all of them including Brazil nuts or walnuts as well all contain small amounts of sulphur. So that’s great for you.

8. Whole grains when you look at whole grains you’ve got to be careful of the refined grains. But whole grains are not a problem for you if you’re eating them the right way, right quantity, right quality and if it suits you. So you will find sulphur in whole grains and of course green leafy vegetables.

9. Any sort of green leafy vegetables raw, semi-cooked, steamed, cooked are rich in sulphur. The more you cook the green leafy vegetables the sulphur content will come down. Now be careful a lot of people think that hey, I want glowing skin so they start overdoing it with sulphur.

Side Effects of Sulphur

If you overconsume sulphur. You can have nausea, you can have diarrhoea and you can have IBS as well. It irritates the gut lining so again all the foods which are mentioned. You should be having it anyway. If you’re eating a balanced diet. If you’re eating a fat diet, it’ll probably deprive you of a lot of nutrients and minerals. This is why fat diets are dangerous they never work and they are not sustainable.

So aim for a balanced diet where you make your plate look like a rainbow. You have a diversity of nutrients and vitamins coming in from different parts of you know your diet and your foods and that is what the human body needs to maintain. Trace minerals, macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and all of these things for the human body.

What is the use of sulphur in the human body for glowing skin?

The use of sulphur in the human body is in the synthesis of B vitamins, especially vitamin B1 for glowing skin. Why do we need B vitamins and why do we need vitamin B1?

Because it helps us to metabolize carbohydrates it helps us to digest fats. So you see digestion is not just food going into your stomach and your acid breaking it down indigestion. We need multiple vitamins and micronutrients that help us to break it down.

Everyone talks about metabolism. I want to build a great metabolism to lose weight, I need a strong metabolism. It starts with your diet, it’s not just your exercise. If you have the right amount of B vitamins you have the metabolism of carbohydrates way more efficiently as well as proteins and fats.

You can go stuffing yourself with protein, stuffing yourself with healthy fats and eating POG and olive oil, but If you don’t have the right enzymes to break it down or the right vitamins break it down. It practically is useless, so yes sulphur helps you with the metabolism of carbohydrates and the digestion of fats. It also helps in glowing skin and works with the B vitamins to help deliver to secrete bile.

Why do we need bile?

Bile emulsifies fats. So for someone example, who has an issue with the gallbladder or some people who have to go through gallbladder surgery and remove the entire organ of the gallbladder. They have a problem digesting fat, it’s not that they cannot but the digestion slows down.

It helps with digestion and glowing skin. You can chase all the creams in the world. There is nothing wrong with that whether they’re organic, whether they’re filled with chemicals, but you need to understand that that’s temporary. If you want to have glowing skin, it is a factor in the quality of sleep that you get at night.

It relieves joint pain, it’s absolutely fantastic for arthritis. If you don’t have an allergy to sulphur. That’s why when you look at certain supplements like MSM. MSM is a powder that is used to reduce inflammation in arthritic patients. To reduce inflammation and pain in bone cancer patients, even athletes use MSM when they train very hard for quicker recovery.

MSM contains high amounts of sulphur. So it’s highly anti-inflammatory in nature as well, but now remember a lot of people can be allergic to sulphur. So that’s very important that you tell your doctors as well when you get onto antibiotics that contain sulphur because you can have an allergic reaction.



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