Best Way To Burn Belly Fat By Just Drinking 500 ml of Water – Scientific Reason

A powerful weight loss tip that can help you lose belly fat and it can help you enhance your weight. The tip is very very important and it’s something that we all know, but we don’t do enough of. One in every three people in this world every day is doing this wrong. When we correct this it has such a powerful impact, when just when it comes to your immunity, your health and of course burning belly fat.

Now you’ve all heard everyone every nutritionist, every doctor you know every possible health magazine telling you the importance of water. Why do you need to drink more water to lose more weight and build strong immunity? But today I’m going to go a step further. I’m going to take you into the science behind water and some of the latest research that is happening all over Australia and the US.

500 ML of water at a time reduces belly fat

500 ml of water at a time

It is called water-induced thermogenesis now what happens is research is showing that when we drink 500 ml of water at a time. Now I don’t mean gulping it all down, but you want to finish that 500 ml in about two to three minutes.

This means you’re going to chug it down that can raise your metabolism by almost 30 to 40 percent. And 40 percent of the thermogenic effect comes from your body trying to warm up that 500 ml of water that you just drank. Now this 30 percent or 40 increase in metabolism also depends on your body type and how big and how heavy you currently are.

It happens within 10 minutes of drinking that water. It’s called water-induced thermogenesis. It can burn calories for almost one hour post doing that. Now the amount of calories isn’t huge but it is burning calories. It is making your body a fat-burning machine when you drink 500 ml of water at one point.

Does cold water help to reduce belly fat?

Now the whole point behind this is water is usually at a temperature of 22 to 37 degrees that’s the kind of water temperature that our body expects. A lot of people drink cold water thinking that this thermogenic effect will burn more calories.

By making your body produce more energy to warm up cold water. But right now who are drinking cold water shocks their organs and slows down their digestion. It isn’t a good idea to keep drinking a lot of cold water throughout the day. Because it can shock your organs and slow down digestion.

When to drink water to reduce belly fat?

The answer is simple throughout the day. So basically coming back to this particular tip of drinking water. Do you know that I advise that when you wake up in the morning wake up to a litre of water? A litre of water over like over five to ten minutes, because again that boosts your metabolic rate in the morning by 30 to 40 percent.

Key benefits of drinking water

You have a good stool it helps you detox your liver, and it helps you detox your kidney. Belly fat induces thermogenesis so that’s number one. The point that I have is we need to understand that water plays a massive role there’s a connection between your brain and your water.

The hypothalamus in your brain is the master gland of your body. The hypothalamus is the interface between your hormones, your endocrine system and your nervous system, which is your neurotransmitters. Now if there’s any drop in water content it affects your hypothalamus. Which affects your hormones, which affects your nervous system and one of the jobs of your hypothalamus is to regulate appetite and to regulate cravings.

What happens when you drink water in the wrong balance?

When you have the wrong water balance. Your hypothalamus doesn’t have the control you have all these cravings that come up. You’re thirsty but your body’s giving you cravings and you tend to eat more. And then you have a hormonal imbalance and we all know that burning belly fat is all about having your hormones in the right balance.

So you need to understand that water is a solvent. Now the absorption of water into your system is also important. So what’s in your water can either be enabling complete absorption into your system or it could be a barrier to absorption in your system.

When your water contains a lot of caffeine when your water contains a lot of sugar, it contains a lot of salt, it contains a lot of preservatives. All these flavoured iced teas and sports drinks like Gatorade and these drinks are filled with sugar and filled with preservatives and filled with colour.

Since water is a solvent all of those ingredients block the absorption of water into your system. When you think you’re drinking water but all of that water is not getting absorbed.

Which is rich in minerals or like adding lemon to water or infusing fruits or infused vegetables into water that adds the mineral content. Which improves the absorption of the water that you’re drinking into your system.

How does water work?

Water forms the base of all fluids in your body be it your blood, be it your fluids water is the building block of fluid. If you have less water in your system just think about your hormones, and your neurons they all require a super high way of conducting themselves throughout your entire body.

Between cells communication between cells is fluid based. If you have even a one percent drop of water in your body you are impacting billions of cells communicating with each other.

What if there is a loss of water?

When there is a loss of water you are impacting hormone communication. You are not giving your genes the required information to do their job. What’s the job of your genes right from DNA, to instructing your bones to increase density, to detoxifying your organs to producing more bone marrow, to producing the right amount of lymphocytes and neutrophils and leukocytes.

Which is nothing but your immune system gets compromised when you have less water. Because the water is the building block of all these fluids. Information with genes because food and water are not just energy it’s information to your genes. Your genes are expecting not just energy but information all the time to carry those innumerable reactions and the functions in your body.

Role of water in your genes

If your genes don’t get the right information from the food that you eat in the form of a vitamin or a mineral or from the water that you drink. You have a problem and today most diseases or the inability to lose weight is the wrong gene in your body expressing itself.

We create this is called epigenetics we all have good genes we all have bad genes and we can blame our parents or our ancestors and say oh they were fat so we are fat we can’t lose weight. They are diabetic so we are diabetic too. Yes! certain diseases do have a genetic connection but most of them are within our control.

When we allow our body we create an environment in our body that allows the bad genes to express themselves. That’s when we have problems, that’s when we struggle to lose weight, that’s when we have the disease.

That’s when we’re unable to cure diseases or reverse conditions and those genes express themselves. When they don’t get the right information they need from the food that you eat and from the water that you drink.

When do we drink water to reduce belly fat? In thirst or hunger

It’s very very important for you to understand right now that water is not just a quench your thirst and again when the hypothalamus which is the master gland of your body doesn’t get what it needs. It is giving us wrong signals all the time most of us confuse thirst for hunger.

We are thirsty but we’re just not aware of it because we live you know mindlessly. We’re thirsty but we think we’re hungry so we start eating more and more insulin levels increase because at that point we’re not physically hungry we have no requirement for food.

Your blood sugar levels rise and then we get more hungry and we get more hungry and we get more hungry and then we get frustrated and we get irritable because of all those additional calories that the body doesn’t require. Because we’re not physically hungry we put on weight or we’re unable to lose weight.

Quick tip to reduce belly fat

The next time you are hungry you think you’re hungry go back and think when’s the last time I had water. Because you could be confusing the thirst for hunger that’s extremely important. So now how do you use this powerful tip to help you lose belly fat number one water-induced thermogenesis?

Calculate your 500 ml of water in this way

The research shows that 500 ml of water at a time. So I’ve done this little calculation where if you wake up to one litre in the morning you’ve got one litre of your water already done. 500 ml 30 minutes before your lunch.

500 ml 30 minutes before your dinner. There you’ve done two litres now I would add the third 500 ml before my evening snack at about four or five. So I’ve got two and a half litres and then the water that I sip in throughout the day is probably going to get me up to three litres and depending on my exercise I’ll consume more water.

The Art of drinking water to reduce belly fat

But the whole idea is also to integrate the art of drinking water. Which are 30 minutes before your meal. You have your 500 ml of water and then you don’t have water during your meal and for 30 minutes post your meal.

So post your meal 30 minutes later you can have water again so this improves your digestion again. Which also helps you lose weight and helps you burn belly fat. We integrate the art of drinking water with this 500 ml and the right quantity of water throughout your day.

So you can use apps to remind you to drink water we need to remember that you know life keeps throwing us curveballs throughout the day. There’s something that suddenly comes up and we forget to drink water it’s real we think we’re drinking sufficient water but we’re not drinking sufficient water.

Quick tip – How to not forget to drink water

Keep water with you throughout the day. There should be a bottle with you wherever you go so that you remember to drink water. When it’s not there you forget to drink water. So these are simple tips on how you can make sure that you’re drinking the right amount of water.

The secret of Reducing belly fat in a nutshell

Just to recap very very quickly. The principle for burning belly fat or increasing your calorie burn is water-induced thermogenesis. 500 ml that you chug down at various intervals in the day.

Don’t mix it with your food, don’t overdo it on the water as well it’s not about overdoing it on the water it’s having the right quantity of water that suits your body type the kind of exercise you do, the kind of country you live in, the temperature, the pressure, how much you move in a day.


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